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'Engagement for Learning' (EoL) and Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL):

The Everyone Matters resources can be used across the curriculum in a variety of contexts, as is suggested within the guidance documents.

Bullying can be an emotive subject. It is important to consider strategies for engaging all learners in the work safely and without loss of focus. The Everyone Matters materials are supported by teaching and learning resources designed to engage all classes in the learning process.

These 'Engagement for Learning' activities can be planned into the delivery of the lessons in order to ensure that the learning environment is safe and secure. Supporting this are references to the SEAL outcomes which encourage resilience and collaboration in students.

This level of support it provided to encourage all teachers to use the Everyone Matters within their own teaching context.

Each of the activities in the lesson is supported by generic teaching guidance for different types of activities that can be used to structure and develop student activities.

  • Title: Lesson Overview

  • Title: Delivering Short Presentations

  • Title: Developing Effective Active Research

  • Title: Encouraging Peer Conversations

  • Title: Living Graphs

  • Title: Living Graph Resources

  • Title: Interpreting Screen Media

  • Title: Writing to Persuade

  • Title: MLE examples of use

  • Title: Teacher Guidance Intro

  • Title: Who piloted the Everyone matters

  • Title: How do you set the learning

  • Title: How do you prepare to teach a topic
    such as homophobic bullying?

  • Title: How do you use the videos in a
    secure and safe learning environment?

  • Title: What are the links to the Drama

  • Title: Why should teachers use this

  • Title: Why is this learning resource

  • Title: How can be people behave this way
    to each other?

  • Title: How can students involve their
    parents in these issues?

  • Title: What advice would you give to other
    students part1?

  • Title: What advice would you give to other
    students part 2?

  • Title: Get over it!